Run for election!
This autumn's student election at NMBU is soon here! It is now time to elect male representatives to the University Board and all faculty boards (click on the links for more info about the boards).


Running for election is the perfect opportunity if you are looking for new experiences, challenges and want to learn more. There is no requirement for previous experience or knowledge.

This autumn it will be elected:

  • Male representative on the University Boards + deputy

  • Male representative on the faculty boards + deputy

The postitions are paid. Working languages in Norwegian.


Candidacies are submitted here

Questions can be sent to: leder.au@nmbu.no

Read what Nina and Børge have to say about the University Board

The University Board has a male and a female student representative. A male representative will be elected for this autumn's Student Election, but we have nevertheless asked both Nina Vold Johansen and Børge Høysæter, who are current representatives about their positions.

What would you like everyone to know about Student Democracy at NMBU?
- Until the start of my term as student representative, I have seen the Student Parliament as a nonsense, (...) but I was pleasantly surprised when I was on the kickoff to the Student Parliament. There were a lot of good people, and many exciting opinions on big and small issues. The student democracy is an important tool that one should not hesitate to be a part of, and their opinions are something you as a potential representative should not push under the table, informs Høysæter.

What makes your position unique?

- As a member of the University Board, you have the ultimate responsibility for the university and it is therefore a rewarding position with a lot of responsibility. The position is very much to steer the university in the direction one believes is right several years in the future - look at it as if the university board is NMBU's compass, Johansen explains.

- I think it's exciting to get an insight into what's going on behind the scenes, and a general understanding of how things are connected. Small annoyances we students have in everyday life can be explained by a more overarching problem, and being one of those who help solve this problem is something I find exciting, says Høysæter.


Why should one run for a position?

If you manage to draw the big lines and are responsible, this is something for you! It also pays to have some experience from board positions before, as well as some knowledge of the university from various positions. A student who has "felt a little on the temperature" around NMBU is encouraged to apply, Johansen concludes

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