Buddy weeks


The buddyweeks are very important for new students to get to know, among other things, NMBU, campus and fellow students, and get a safe and comfortable start to their studies. at NMBU, we have two buddyweeks, one in the spring for exchange students, in addition to one in the autumn for all incoming students. In addition, we have an introductory week the week before the buddyweek for internationals.

In the Student Democracy, two different positions are elected that play a major role in the implementation of the buddyweeks: buddy leaders and a buddy general. The buddy leaders are elected at the general assemblies at faculty level in the autumn, while the buddy general is elected at the Student Parliament in the autumn.
The buddy general is the one who leads the buddyweeks. The general is the leader of the buddy board, in addition to the person being responsible for collaborating with the international student organizations, ESN and ISU.
The buddy leaders sit on the buddy board, and are the leaders for the buddy week at their faculty. They are responsible for recruiting and leading buddies, collaborating with the faculty, and conducting buddyweek at their faculty. Together with the buddy general, they play a major role in ensuring that new students get a good introduction to their studies at NMBU.
Buddies are recruited by the buddy leaders, and are the ones who meet the new students face to face. They have a responsibility to include all the buddy kids, answer questions, and follow them through their first week at NMBU.