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Student Board

The Student Board is a board consisting of three members; a leader, and two members. Together they work for all the cases that are decided at the Student Parliament meetings, represent the students in different boards and committees, talk to local politicians and leadership at NMBU, while also assisting the local student democracy. 

We have an office in Urbygningen in U118 where you are most welcome to stop by.

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Jens Bartnes

Helene Sylvarnes

Åse Vigdisdatter Nytrø

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Areas of responsibility:
internationalisation and equality
+47 403 15 636

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Areas of responsibility:
learning and living environment, quality of education, deputy
+47 977 74 853


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Areas of responsibility:
sustainability, innovation, research, marketing
+47 957 69 741

Elisabeth Breiland

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Organization Secretary

Pictures of the Working Committee 2022/2023:

Synne Stromme

Not sure who to contact?

Send an e-mail to:

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