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Lars Kåre Grimsby nominated NMBU’s Best Lecturer

Every six months, the best lecturer of the semester is nominated by NMBU students. It was a clearly happy and surprised Associate Professor whose lecture was interrupted by a train of students and staff who congratulated him and presented him with the prestigious award.

As well as the honour of being nominated by the students, the winner is also awarded a cash prize by NMBU. The jury receives many nominations and winning the award is thus quite an achievement.

“Lars Kåre Grimsby shows great interest and zeal for his discipline and is considered a leading figure in his field. His enthusiasm spreads to the students. A common factor [in the nominations] is the lecturer's ability to see each individual student, as well as ensuring that the study subject is comprehensible to everyone”, reads the student jury's reasoning.

“Lars Kåre Grimsby is perceived as structured, and he ensures a good flow of information by being available to the students. The lecturer has a high level of competence in the subject area and communicates this through an excellent teaching plan. The students consider his teaching to be relevant and they appreciate that the syllabus is closely related to further studies and to working life”, continues the jury’s justification.

Lars Kåre received the award in spring 2022 for the course Environmental and Sustainability Science (EDS104) at Noragric, Faculty of Landscape and Society.

“Teaching on Zoom has sometimes complicated things for all of us, and it’s good to finally be part of the students' learning environment again, rather than just providing information to them”, says the prize winner. “I want to say a big thank you to the study advisors - without them our learning environment would not work”.

Perhaps tellingly for the semester’s best lecturer, the biggest thanks (along with a big pun) went to the students:

“Thank you so much for nominating me for this award. I am honoured and very surprised. And not least, it motivates me to put even more (renewable) energy into teaching!”

The semester's best lecturer represents someone who inspires and teaches his/her students with extra flair and effort. The award is entirely based on fellow students’ feedback and votes. Here is some of the feedback on this semester’s winner: “His lectures are always interesting and very informative. It is my favorite class; I hate missing one of his lectures. He puts in the most effort to make the course interesting. I can see he is extremely passionate about what he’s teaching which makes learning so much better” “A good lecturer who makes the subject interesting – even on Zoom – and seems genuinely interested in what he is teaching, which makes the subject more fun.

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