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NSOs Fall Conference 2022

This weekend, Jens and Åse from the Student Board (AU) were in Trondheim to participate in the National Union of Students in Norway (NSO) Fall Conference 2022! Here is a brief summary of the trip:

  • The theme for this year's fall conference was 'The Student of the Future: who - what - how?'

  • The weekend consisted of a lot of good discussion between representatives from the various universities and colleges that are members of NSO, as well as exciting presentations and workshops with external experts, and NSO's Working Committee

  • We discussed what education might look like in the future, what kind of competence and which educations will be prominent based on society's long-term and short-term needs, especially in relation to Norwegian economic conditions

  • We discussed elements of what the future student population might look like, and what and how they might study

  • We also dealt with the state budget, student aid (stipends) and the free principle (which this autumn has flared up as a particularly relevant topic in relation to the state budget proposal of introducing tuition fees for international students)

  • In addition, we had a great time getting to know the people from the other member organisations even better, through debate, exchange of experiences, and last but not least, some good old-fashioned weekend fun. I.e.: fire alarm, baked goods (😌), beautiful (...) Halloween costumes, hot chocolate on the train, and wonderful weather (shoutout to Trondheim!) What exactly is NSO, and why is NMBU a member of them? Read more here:

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