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Study-start Survey 2022

NMBU actively endeavours to raise the quality of education in our programmes, and the students play a key role in this work. We need your input and experience to make us even better!

Did you start as a student at NMBU in the Autumn of 2021?

Then you can help make the studies at NMBU even better. The university constantly works to increase the quality of our study programs. In this process, you as a student obviously have a central role! We need your experiences and good insights - spend only a few minutes answering this survey:D

The survey is in both Norwegian and English. Invitation to respond is sent as a digital mail (Digipost & to those who have, and otherwise to the NMBU email.

Please respond as quickly as you can

We would appreciate it if you answered the survey as soon as possible, and preferably within a week.

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