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The semester's best teacher in the autumn of 2021

Assigned hereby

Tore Krogstad

For teaching the subject JORD212 - Jordan analysis.

The selection is made on the basis of nominations from students, where a committee appointed by the Student Parliament has reviewed and assessed the nominations.

Once again, a skilled teacher should receive extra attention for his outstanding work. During the semester, students have nominated lecturers they experience as the semester's best. This semester, the committee gained insight into the teaching of the nominees through lectures and teaching materials. In the selection, the committee has based on qualitative nominations and control interviews of students. The winner will not only receive honor and glory, but also a cash prize awarded by NMBU. Many good nominations have been submitted, and therefore the award of this prize is high.

The semester's best teacher is a person who this autumn has put in an extra large amount of work. Lectures and lab teaching have been of high quality, and the teacher has provided a good hybrid solution between different forms of teaching adapted to the subject. The course appears to be well worked out, both the teaching and the teaching material.

The person is perceived as structured, and ensures a good flow of information by being available to the students. The teacher has a high level of competence in the subject area, and communicates this through a very good teaching plan. The students consider the teaching to be relevant, and appreciate that the syllabus is in close relation with further studies and working life.

This person shows a great interest and zeal for his subject, and is considered a leading figure in his field. His great commitment spreads to the students, which is reflected in the students we have talked to. A common factor is the teacher's ability to see each individual student, in addition to ensuring that what is reviewed is understandable to everyone. It was said by a student: "I do not think I have had a subject before where I am left with as much knowledge after every hour as I do in his classes". Based on this, the award for the Semester's best teacher in the autumn of 2021 goes to Tore Krogstad, for the course JORD212 "Jordan analysis".

Thank you to everyone who has submitted nominations, and congratulations to the semester's best teacher, Tore Krogstad.

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