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The Student Parliament has adopted political documents in the form of programs of principles, resolutions and political documents. 

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The program of principles says something about our basic view, and shows what attitude we have to overriding questions.  The long-term strategy  and  action plan  is based on the program of principles. A resolution is according to snl  " ... a resolution, decision or statement made by / from an organization or assembly. ". A resolution adopted by the Student Parliament will then be seen on our official position or statement in a case. Anyone can submit resolutions within the case paper deadline to .

We have also adopted a number of other political documents. These say something about what we students think about different issues. We refer to these when we get questions from students, management or external about what we as students mean.


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Student Parliament 2023

Necessary information

  • Full name (this is checked against the date of birth to ensure that you register the correct candidate)

  • Date of birth:

  • Apply for the position as:

Voluntary information

Write a short presentation of yourself: include the faculty, relevant experience, your motivation to ask and possibly a little about what you want to focus on during your work period.


Sent in both Norwegian and English by email to . Remember picture!

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