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Building student democracy
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Class representative

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A class representative is elected in the first week a new class begins at NMBU, in the subject called STUD001. Becoming a class trustee can be a great way to be introduced to student democracy at NMBU and learn different processes that happen to bring about change. It also gives a hands-on opportunity to fix specific problems that your fellow students have in everyday life.


A class representative appears on the student council 3-4 times per semester, and expresses his or her opinion on current issues, as well as coming up with any new issues from his or her own class.


If your class does not have a class representative, we recommend contacting your student council as soon as possible!

Faculty general assembly

The faculty general meeting is the highest student body at each faculty. Here, the chair and deputy chair of the student council are elected and make personal elections to the Student Parliament, Appointments Committee, Nomination Committee, Program Council, Study Committee and Research Committee at faculty level. The faculty meeting takes place in April and November.

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The Research Committee

The research committee is the faculty's research strategic body. The committee shall provide advice and strategic input to the faculty management in matters concerning research, and otherwise deal with matters delegated from the faculty management. Has two permanent student representatives who have a duty to report to the Student Council and are elected by the Faculty General Assembly.

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The education committee

Also called Fak-SU, and is the faculty's strategic body within education. they provide advice and strategic input to the faculty management in matters concerning education and deal with matters delegated by the faculty board. Has two (or more) permanent student representatives who have a duty to report to the Student Council and are elected by the Faculty General Assembly

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Program council

It is the continuous, professional development work in the program environment that drives program development forward at the university. This work takes place in an interplay between research and education, where the structure of programs and the connections between learning and assessment methods and learning outcomes are continuously assessed. Requirements are set for all study programs to have program advice, and this advice is the natural organizational hub for development work. The program council is also essential for good implementation and results of annual and periodic systematic processes.

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The appointment selection

Each faculty has its own selection committee for dean positions. The committee conducts a screening process and interview process of relevant candidates. The committee consists of representatives of the rectorate at NMBU, 2 employer representatives, 2 employee representatives and 1 student representative. Elected at the faculty's general meeting.

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The Appointment Committee

Responsibility for appointments at faculty level. 1 permanent student representative. Elected at the faculty's general meeting.


The faculty board

Two student representatives with personal deputies at the Student Election shall be elected to the faculty boards. The position is gender quoted. Male representatives are elected in the autumn who take office on 1 January, and female representatives in the spring who take office on 01.07. The position has a duration of 1 year.


The faculty board is the faculty's highest body. The board has the overall responsibility and their most important tasks are strategy and action plans as well as budget and accounts.


Student Council

Each faculty has a student council which consists of class representatives from all classes at the faculty, Student Parliament representatives, the student representatives in the Program Council, Study Committee, Research Committee and the Faculty Board. The Student Council addresses current issues and issues that apply to its faculty and discusses issues that are to be addressed at the Student Parliament.

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Student Parliament

The Student Parliament is the highest decision-making student body at NMBU. The parliament consists of 25 representatives from the entire university, here all faculties are represented. These representatives will together adopt the student policy at NMBU. Student meetings normally meet three times a semester. All students have the right to speak at the Student Parliament, but only the student parliament representatives have the right to propose and vote. It is therefore important that you at your Faculty General Meeting participate in electing your student council representative.


Election committee


Election committee (4 people): Elected at Student Parliament 6. The election committee is elected for one year at the constituent student council. They are responsible for receiving proposals for and finding good candidates for the various positions that are elected at the Student Parliament, for the university board and in AU.

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Student board (AU)

AU is responsible for the day-to-day running of student democracy. They keep in touch with the Norwegian Student Organization centrally, address student policy issues and represent the students on boards and committees at NMBU. New in the spring of 2020 is that 3 representatives will be elected to AU in the spring urn election. 1 leader and 2 AU members must be elected. The positions are paid and you have leave from your studies when you sit in the positions. The positions follow the academic year.

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Photo: Synne Stromme

AU internally constitutes itself shortly after being elected to the posts. This means that the representatives benefits between the areas of responsibility and the faculties with which each of them must be connected throughout the year they sit at AU. You can read about who has which areas of responsibility by clicking on 'Info and Contact'.

Komiteer og utvalg på universitersnivå

Committees at university level

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The Board of complaint

Examples of cases that the Board of complaintl handles are complaints about formal errors in the examination and cancellation of the examination or test. It is the appeals committee that handles cases where it is suspected that students have cheated on exams and assignments. The number of meetings in the tribunal varies from year to year, depending on how many cases there are. (Working language in Norwegian)

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The Research Ethics Committee (FEU) handles NMBU's functions in accordance with the Research Ethics Act and is NMBU's committee for dealing with cases of dishonesty. (Working language in Norwegian)

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Central Admissions Committee

The members of the central admissions committee mainly assess applicants in the coordinated admissions who cannot be scored according to the grade rules in the upper secondary school. The central admissions committee makes a discretionary assessment of the applicants and decides whether they should be offered a study place at NMBU. The committee consists of one representative from each of the faculties, one representative from the Study Committee, and two student representatives. The committee has previously held about one meeting a year, in early July. (Working language in Norwegian)

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The learning environment committee has the operational responsibility for quality assurance of the students' learning environment and has delegated responsibility from the University Board to make decisions in matters concerning the learning environment. The total learning environment includes the physical learning environment, the psychosocial learning environment, universal facilitation (facilitation for the disabled) and the welfare services. There are four students in the learning environment committee; Deputy chairman and head of welfare at AU, a representative from the Adamstuen campus and chairman of the board of SiÅs. (Working language in Norwegian)

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For the whole NMBU. Works with matters concerning research and research dissemination, and has delegated authority from the University Board. Has two permanent student representatives, one of whom is responsible for the environment and research at AU, who has a duty to report to and is elected by the Student Parliament. (Working language in Norwegian)

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For the whole NMBU. Works with matters concerning education at NMBU and has delegated authority from the University Board. Has representatives from NMBU and 3 permanent student representatives. The deputy head of AU has one of these places. The student representatives have a duty to report to and are elected by the Student Parliament. (Working language in Norwegian)


The University Board


Consists of 11 and represents employees (both scientific, and technical and administrative), external appointed by the Ministry of Education and two elected student representatives. The University Board is NMBU's highest body. They work with cases of a strategic nature and have approx. 11 meetings per. year. The student representatives are elected during the Student Election and have a duty to report to the Student Parliament. A female representative will be elected in the spring to take office on 01.07 and a male representative in the autumn to take office on 01.01.

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