The Student Council addresses current issues and issues applicable to its faculty and discusses issues to be addressed at the Student Parliament.

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9th of September

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9th of September

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9th of September

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9th of September

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Learn more about the Student Councils

Each faculty has a student council which consists of class representatives from all classes at the faculty, Student Parliament representatives, the student representatives in the Program Council, Study Committee, Research Committee and the Faculty Board.

Furthermore, you can read what different student representatives have to say about their positions. Who knows, maybe you will want to try one yourself?

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Faculty Board

A representative of the faculty board is not elected at a general meeting, but at a ballot.

The faculty boards have two student representatives. The position is gender quotas, where male representatives are elected in the autumn who take office on 1 January, and female representatives in the spring who take office on 1 July. The position has a duration of 1 year.

The faculty board is the faculty's highest body. The board has the overall responsibility, and their most important tasks are strategy and action plans as well as budget and accounts.


Examples of cases dealt with by the faculty board at MINA:

- Adopt budget and accounts

- Adopt overall plans (HSE -e.g.)

- Plan strategic vision for the faculty


"The coolest thing about sitting on the Faculty Board is that you as a student get to be involved and influence at the highest level and gain great insight into the overall work at the faculty.

I would recommend everyone to apply to the Faculty Board, you get both great influence and good insight into what is happening at the faculty, in addition to being able to influence what will happen in the future! "

-Johan Stener Maagaard,

student representative for the faculty board at MINA



As student council leader, you have the overall responsibility for the Student Council. The regular tasks include sending out meeting notices and minutes, ordering meeting food, chairing meetings, ensuring good dialogue and good cooperation with the administration and attending student council dinners with student council representatives.

By chairing the student council meetings, you get a good insight into what the various committees at faculty level and NMBU are doing, and you learn a lot of new things that are valuable to carry with you further in life. If you have a leadership sprout in your stomach and want leadership experience, the Student Council is a safe place to start. It is incredibly motivating to be a leader for committed fellow students - BUT, it is important to remember that you must also motivate them, so that together you can create a faculty where the student and the quality of study are in focus. In addition to this, there are a lot freedom of action in office, so as a student council leader you can also shape your own work tasks. The position is perfect for you who are passionate about that little extra.


"As student council leader, I get an insight into everything that moves behind the scenes at the School of Business, and together with my committed fellow students, I also get to help pull the strings."

-Mathilde Wingeng,

head of the student council at the Business School

Deputy Chairman

As deputy chair, you are responsible for the organization of the Student Council. Some specific areas of responsibility are updating mailing lists, making minutes and notices available, ordering food and drink for student council meetings and convening meetings.

In addition, it sits on the working group for marketing the Student Democracy and is therefore responsible for the marketing of the student council at the faculty. It is done scroll. by posting things on Facebook, hanging up posters and sending out emails.

In addition to this, we collaborate with the leader on what is needed to be able to run the student council in the best possible way. It involves scrolling. to participate in arranging student council meetings and general meetings, to attend meetings with the management and to have contact with AU.


"The best thing about the position is to hear the students' opinions and wishes, and then work to make them come true."

-Vårin Sæbø,

Deputy Chairman of the Student Council at the Veterinary College


The Research Committee

As a Student Representative in the Research Committee at, for example, Realtek, you, together with one other student, will be the students' voice in matters concerning research and innovation at the faculty. The research committee is first and foremost an advisory body, which will give its opinion on the research work that is to be carried out / is being carried out at the faculty, strategies that are being laid down and other measures that are being taken to strengthen this particular area.

The committee includes in addition to the two students.

- a representative of the doctoral fellows

- representatives from the various sections of the faculty

- an FU leader and secretary

All the representatives are equal and will discuss together until the decisions or input FU is to come up with.

Examples of cases FU works on during a year:

- Evaluate applications for PhD and PostDoc positions

Process applications for funding for advanced scientific equipment

- Work with the faculty board, the dean or others to promote and develop research at the faculty through various measures.

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"It is very interesting to gain insight into the research environment, which is not always as visible to the general student. Positions at FU simply open up a new world at the faculty."

-Marthe Hansen,

Student representative in the research committee at Realtek.


Program council

Each study program has a program council where there are student representatives.

You have a duty to attend and minutes at the student council meetings. This means that you attend the meeting and tell what you have raised in the program council since the previous student council meeting. The program council has no regular meetings, but the leader calls in as there are issues. In the program council, matters concerning the field of study are discussed. Matters in the program council can be anything from course names and course descriptions to changes in the education plan.

The program council has no regular meetings, but the leader calls in as matters come up."

-Elise Skreosen,

Student representative in the program council at KBM


Study Committee / Education Committee

Here, reference is made to the study committee or the education committee at faculty level, also called FAK-SU. Study committees and education committees are based on the same thing, but are called differently at different faculties. It is the faculty's strategic body within education. They shall provide advice and strategic input to the faculty management in matters concerning education and deal with matters delegated from the faculty board. The committee has two (or more) permanent student representatives who have a duty to report to the Student Council and are elected by the faculty meetings.


The employment committee

In the employment committee, you sit together with employees at the faculty and are part of the recruitment process for academic positions. There, one participates in processing and approving the job advertisements, deciding who is hired, approving applications for promotion from associate professor to professor, and rarely other matters concerning termination of employment.

The job advertisements are usually almost complete, and the employment committee revises, makes minor changes, proofreads and is the last checkpoint before it is posted. The applicants are then first evaluated by an expert committee and then the nomination committee, which sends a list back to the employment committee. The employment committee looks at all the assessments that have been made so far, and makes the final decision on who will get the job offer. Basically, there is a meeting about every 14 days, but new cases have not always occurred, and then the meeting is canceled. (Some details if interesting: confidentiality, and remunerated.)


"This is a great opportunity if you want to get involved in who is hired! You get good insight into the hiring process, and what you have to say is heard."

-Guro Størdal,

Student representative in the employment committee at Realtek


Setting committee

As a student representative in the nomination committee, you have the opportunity to influence the choice of a professor to be employed in the faculty to which you belong. It is a nice position to have as it looks good on the CV, one gets the employer's perspective on how a job interview goes, and the position is honored.

It is not a scary position to have when the professional questions are asked by the professional persons in the committee. As a student representative, one takes the students' perspective and rather asks about teaching and assesses whether the candidate is right for the students.

"What I think is best about the position is that I get to know the other employees who are also on the recruitment committee, and I get a better understanding of what criteria are looked at when a person is to be hired."

-Martin Økland,

Student representative in the setting committee at Realtek’


Class Representative

The class representative is not elected at the general meetings, but by the class. The position is still mentioned here when they meet at the student council.

As a class shop steward, you get to be the link between the class and the student council. This means that you get to be part of the student council where a lot of exciting things are taken up and pass on relevant information to the class. In addition, it is cozy and gather the class sometimes for something social to get to know each other better.

My position on the student council as a class shop steward is to attend and attend each student council (one meeting a month). Ahead of the meeting, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself a little with the case documents, otherwise there is little preparation. At the meeting, you get to participate and discuss various issues and voices, in addition to having lunch. Here you get to know new people and the meetings tend to be very cozy.

"As a class representative, you get to join the student council where a lot of exciting things are taken up and pass on relevant information to the class. In addition, it is nice to gather the class sometimes for something social to get to know each other better."

-Marte Henrichsen,

Class representative for food science